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Birthdate:Nov 6

My name is Sarah (one of many in the world). I like to steal plasticware and napkins from my local cafeteria and hoard cookies in my desk drawers. My bookshelves are filled with naughty comic books, books about geishas and lions and witches, and then there's the occasional accounting textbook. Good luck understanding that. By day, I'm an accounting major, anime nerd, desk assistant, student instructor, and the kind of person you'd never expect would do something like "that". By night, I'm asleep. Don't bother me. I have an awesome roommate, and we like to quote Family Guy, Harvey Birdman, and Stephen Colbert. We can have entire conversations centering around those 3 subjects and always feel smarter than you. We also like to poke each other, and exclaim "Go Team Venture!" after we've done something that we think is cool. Which is all the time, btw. I'm your run of the mill nerd; you name it, I've probably MST3K'ed it. While I'm not coming up with crazy ships for anime, HP, and Stephen Colbert, I'm probably coming up with crazy ideas for costumes, skits, and colorguard routines, because I am that cool. My goal in life (besides graduating from this crazy town of Nacogdoches and becoming some kind of accountant) is to rule the world. Seriously, I wanna be your dictator. Or benevolent oppressor. I'll take either. And when I become supreme emperor of Earth, I will probably have left quite a few bodies in my wake: my friend Antwan, who will always be my rival in the affections of his fiancee Chelle, my friend Shakila, whose laughter shakes the very foundation of the Earth, and Russell Crowe. Just because he annoys the hell out of me. So sit back, and enjoy what's left of this so-called demo-crazy that America's in. It'll be ending soon.
♥, Sarah



whore_names: Tom Welling; Default
anime_names: Belldandy
het_names: Belldandy & Keiichi; Van & Hitomi
mangaka_names: Akemi Tokada; Kawamori Shoji
youxanime: Me + Van, Oujirou, Trowa, Ferio, Shizuma
alias_names: Belle; Mokona; Fuu
power_names: Fuu; Mokona
jsong_names: Puuranchina//Maaya Sakamoto; Tooi Kano Machi De// Kaitani Naomi
mix_n_match: Tamahome + Van; Sanosuke + Kenshin; Vash + Wolfwood
anime_claims: Nuriko
i_heart: I ♥ Van
scarred_ones: Tamahome; Van
bishounen_names: Ferio
rock_song_names: Black Balloon//Goo Goo Dolls; Here With Me//Michelle Branch; Don't Let Me Get Me//Pink
golden_voice: Tamahome
bishoujo_names: Ryoko
pretty_senshi: ChibiMoon
pgsm_claims: Kikawada Masaya; Kino Makoto; Sailor Jupiter's rose earrings; Motoki x Makoto; Kirari*Sailor Dream//Sae

first place @ pgsm
first place @ inu_stillness
tied for third @ inu_stillness
second place @ sm_awards
second place @ smiconcontest

Yes.. that is my sister and I. We're planning on starting a cosplay site, but until that's done, I'll just link it to her journal.
Photo by SkyPirate, who is awesome and deserves cupcakes.


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