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Well, here I am in lovely Nacogdoches, where Rita's planning on stoppin' by sometime soon. I'm now at Wisely Hall (aka the smart people's dorm!), because my boss offered the DAs (which is what I am) a place to stay if we wanted to work. Because the desk has to stay open- even if the power's out. (Bastards.. do they know how dark that lobby can get? Grrrr..)
But yeah.. I'm okay.. I'm relishing in the fact that I have power, although I probably won't have any tomorrow night. Oh, well. As long as I have power, I think I'll catch up on some TV watching and other stuff. But the staff is fully expecting the power to go out. Joy.
Anywho.. they canceled classes a half an hour AFTER I started taking my Economics exam. What asshats. Oh, well.. I think I did okay. Enough to get me by, hopefully. But I know that I DID NOT study for that test, I was just too distracted. Oh, well.
I'm going to be keeping a "Hurricane diary" when the power goes out, so hopefully, once the power is restored, you will all be treated to bit of my amusing anecdotes about the wrath of Rita.
Fuck the hurricane, I'm going to work.
Until we meet again,
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Hmm.. so, if Rita hits the coast of Texas juuussst right.. it might swing up to Nacogdoches as a category 1. And still, SFASU doesn't cancel classes, while all the other school districts have cancelled classes or have early release. Bastards. But meh.. I'll deal with it. I have an economics test that I'm probably going to fail, but I'll do some studying after my art class.
If this hurricane really does fuck us up, then I want to be prepared. I'm hopefully going to Walmart tomorrow to get some bread and some peanut butter, because if the power goes out, I'm pretty much fucked as far as food goes. All of it requires microwaving. Fun, fun. So yeah.. If the weather's crazy, I'll just work on my homework, reading, and my knitting over the weekend. And if the weather isn't, I'll probably go hang out with my friend Danielle at her and her boyfriend's house. FYYYYY!!!! Yayness!
Speaking of my knitting, here's some progress pics:
Hufflepuff takes the rest! (My Hufflepuff movie 1 scarf) )
Well, that's it for now. I'll update later on to say on what this badgirl (Rita) can do.
Until we meet again,

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