Jan. 23rd, 2006

tahiti: (HatsumixRyoki.. angsty love)
1. Thank the person that tagged you.

You're the first person to tag me. In like EVER. Yeah, I'm a loser, so thanks, Ali!

2. List 5 random/strange/weird things about you:

1. I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue. I'm dead serious. I'll have to take a picture of this one day.

2. My neck is EXTREMELY sensitive. I fidget with necklaces, I can't wear chokers, and if people touch me on the back of my neck, I FREAK OUT. It's quite crazy. My friend Chelle likes to run her thumbnail across my throat (in a slashing motion) and I will just SCREAM, because I hate that feeling. She did it to me once while we were in JCPenney's, and I like, screamed and hit the ground. Yeah.

3. I have a complex about my feet. I can't put my feet together, and I have virtually no arch, so during marching band, my feet would ache VERY painfully, and if I didn't stretch them out, I'd be just sitting at home and randomly flex my foot and OMG, PAIN! I also wear a size 11 shoe in women's. Yeah, huge, UGLY FEET!

4. I didn't become a girl scout until I was in high school. Yeah, and even then I wasn't really involved.

5. I created an imaginary "boyfriend" for my roommate to fool her ex-boyfriend (well, when I made him up, they were still together), and we still refer to him on occasion. His name is Hector. Yeah, my roommate and I are weird.

3. Tag 5 other people.
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Hi, ho, hi, ho.. it's off to work I go!
Until we meet again,

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