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I know I've been kinda AWOL for awhile now, so.. now's a good a time as any for updates.

1. (Because lists are fun!) As I mentioned before, my Ethics class kinda consumed the last few weeks of school, since there was a HUUUGE presentation that I needed to have absolutely perfect in order to do well in the class. (The teacher decided she doesn't like me, because I went on an internship and decided to have a sick week and didn't tell her. Whatever.) Fortunately, my partner and I pulled out something rather impressive (we used ALL of our time), and plus.. the teacher made my partner cry. (Partner was going through some rather trying and VERY PERSONAL times, teacher tried to push the issue.. and yeah.)
Anyway, for the final, we had to study stuff from our own presentation, plus everyone else's. I tried out a new study technique of recording myself reading my notes and putting it on my iPod, and I came out of there with a B. Yes.

2. I also made a B in my Regulations class, and an A in my internship class. That means I have a 3.5 for my first semester as a grad student, and a 3.33 overall for the semester. Go me!

3. I started my job this past Monday. I'm a student assistant in the web course support office. Basically, if you're taking an online class and you're having trouble with it, you call us. (Like technical issues, not academic.) We also get some weird calls that we need to redirect sometimes. It's really laid back and I'm enjoying myself so far.

4. I also started a minimester course that's been sucking the majority of time besides my job. It's kicking my ass, and all I want to do is lie in bed and hide from it. And since it's sucking the majority of my time, it's sapping most of my energy, and my cosplay time.

5. Speaking of cosplay stuff, god, I hope I get everything done for A-kon. Giselle may be put on the back burner, and Dean Venture's already being pushed back, but damnit, everything else WILL be done.

6. A-kon: hotel? Check. Volunteer status? Proud volunteer for A-kon TV! Cosplay? ... I'll get back to you. I'm staying in the Westin with some of my Nacogdoches friends, plus my sister. So prepare for some drunken times in my room! Yeaaaah! I'll be there Thursday afternoon, hopefully. I'm also really excited because Hobbit is coming to A-kon!

7. Regarding my last rather serious post: Hobbit is okay. We've agreed to not speak to about it, especially after having a rather serious conversation. She said that the reason she was so affected was because Dave mentioned how his friend killing himself was "selfish bullshit", and she let that get to her. She promised me that everything she told me that night she would've told me anyway. (Well.. there were some things that were rather hardcore in their nature, and I doubt she would've told me any other time.) But still.. she seems relatively okay (okay as Hobbit can be), and we'll be going from there. Again, she's coming to A-kon, and I'm excited to have her here
for the first part of summer. And she has promised me that we will have a day every week that we will get together, so she will have someone to unload some of her issues onto.
I think that's what I miss the most about living with her. We both could just go into each other's rooms and talk about what's going on in our rooms. My favorite part of my day would be when Hobbit would scuttle (she really does do this, it's rather amusing!) into my room and hop into my bed, while I'm at my desk, and we'd just talk. Or just enjoy each other's company.

8. My current living situation: I'm pretty much settled into my apartment, and I've got my friend Nicole living with me for the summer. Things are a little bit cramped, since she's using her air mattress and has settled into the living room, and her things are mostly situated in my closet, but I'm enjoying having her here. My roommate Stephanie is heading to China for a few weeks, so it'll be just the two of us. Nicole's then heading to Indiana for the weekend, and Hobbit's coming up on Memorial Day to join us. Fun times, fun times!

9. Summer movie season has officially been kicked off! So far, I've seen:
-Forbidden Kingdom
-Speed Racer
-Prince Caspian
I'm very happy with my progress. And this weekend is INDY WEEKEND!! I'm so excited! I was afraid that I would be going to see it all by myself, but Lauren is coming to visit Chris, and she promised me that we'd spend some time together, and because both Chris and I are Indy fans, we'll be seeing that. SO EXCITED!

10. Speaking of Narnia...

First off, this movie was beautifully done. I was wondering how they would pull it off, since it's a relatively short book. I think out of all the book adaptions, the Narnia series is probably the most faithful to the books. But yes.. beautifully done.
There were a few things that bothered me, namely.. the CaspianxSusan thing. I think that because I was at least forewarned through trailers and TV spots, but uh.. still, that bothered me just a bit. I think that had I not been at least warned, I probably would've been more irritated about it. It was nicely done.. not TOO overdone, but still, a little bothersome.
And um.. was I the only one who noticed Susan's boobs in that one scene where she and Lucy were talking about seeing Aslan and coming back to Narnia? HOLY CRAP. No wonder she and Peter can't come back to Narnia. *snigger*
AND SUSAN'S OUTFITS! OMG! TOTALLY COSPLAYING! This one! And the dress in the last scenes.. hot DAMN that was gorgeous. As soon as I find pics, I'm totally hoarding them.
And omg! Eddie Izzard as Reepicheep! FABULOUS, FABULOUS, FABULOUS! Wonderful! And the scene with the mice at the end.. I loved it! And they kept in the part about the DLF.. "Our Dear Little Friend!" And his little "Oh.. and that's not patronizing at all. Tee hee! Loved it!

All in all, wonderful movie, will see again. Must go acquire the first one, so I can watch and enjoy. And the soundtrack was beautiful. I've been listening to Regina Spektor's 'The Call' for like.. an hour? (iTunes check: I've listened to it 5 times since I've downloaded it.)

11. An observation: it seems to me that my MySpace/Facebook pages are like.. dating central.. for my friends. My friend Lauren agreed to meet her current boyfriend Chris for coffee because I was friends with him. And since I'm friends with him, he can't be that bad. And they've been dating for about.. 9 months now? And Hobbit had some guy sending her limericks (limericks!) and he had previously added me on MySpace. (I met him through the DFW Metroplex Cosplay Coalition Scarborough Faire gathering.) So I find rather ironic that I can find my friends possible dates.. but not one for me. Oh! And another fun story: a guy messaged me on MySpace, looking for a date for his brother. Blah.
And it's a little frustrating because you have two females that feed off each other's energy, and we're both rather hormonal and in need of attention from the opposite sex. Yeah, if I'm rather affectionate at A-kon, it's because I'm in need of some attention. And if anyone else says, "BECOME A LESBIAN!", I will stab them in the face. Not because I'm homophobic or anything like that, it's because I've actually had people say that to me. That and to be "patient". Blah.

12. Another thing that's been going on is that I'm really easily irritated these days. I've been rather short with some people lately, and distancing myself from other because I can see myself being really mean and saying shit to them. So yeah.. I don't know if it's just because I'm genuinely irritated at them, or just .. being bitchy because I'm hormonal. So if I'm short or kinda mean, I'm going to try to reign it in, but don't take it personally. Again, I'm living with two other females (well, one right now), and we all kinda feed off each other's emotions, and yeah.. I'm only human. One that is very female, and a) in need of attention from the opposite sex, and b) kinda stressed about life.

13. Nicole and I decided that we're going to write a Harlequin romance novel. It will be epic.

14. Because I can't end things on an odd number, I'll just say this: life.. is pretty good. Now I just need a way to pay for school and rent, and I'll be golden.

Until we meet again,

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Date: 2008-05-18 10:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] b-phil.livejournal.com
You could maybe become a patient lesbian? *ducks and runs*

I tried to watch Prince Caspian, but ended up having to leave the movie early for military-related stuff (I'd like to make it sound cool and say "A situation came up", but it's more like "We had to do flag detail at 5PM and forgot about it and headed to a movie at 3PM and then remembered and had to catch a cab so we wouldn't be late")

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