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Uhm, yeah.. Bad Tahiti, not updating in like.. a month. Silly me. But things have been crazy busy for me. But I did update my userinfo page!
My weekends are basically the only time of rest for me. This whole 17 hours, plus 2 jobs, plus club meetings, SI sessions, and trying to have a life? Yeah, it's crazy. Next semester? Probably only 12 or 15 hours, at most. I'd like to have a nap every once in awhile, plzkthx.
Besides my crazy, crazy life, I have actually been attempting to forge a relationship. Yes! Tahiti has a crush! Sad, but true. It's on a guy that sometimes comes to anime club meetings, and he's an RA in my building. I've been flirting and whatnot, but I haven't quite figured out if he likes me back yet. I suppose I'll keep working on it, but really, a relationship would be nice, but not necessary.
Speaking of relationships and all that, I had a really nice Valentine's Day. No boyfriends, but plenty of Valentines! Almost all of my friends gave me a little something and I got some money from my mom (which is being spent on printing right now, hehe). I hope everyone else had a nice V-day! Sorry I wasn't around to wish you all lots of love. ♥♥♥
Like I said, I've been crazy busy. I've already had to kind of abandon my year goal, which was to write in a paper journal everyday. Yeah, that didn't happen. But I'm hoping to definetely write in here more. I do check my LJ almost everyday. I just don't update because usually it's just me browsing, then rushing off to class, work, or some other kind of thing.
In other news, the Harry Potter club is going to make wands! I'm sooo excited! We're going to work on them this Wednesday, and we'll be listening to all sorts of stuff, like HP podcasts and whatnot.
And I've also been working on my Alice the 19th costume. I haven't made very much progress, but it's in a good place. Over Spring Break, I'll hopefully piece it all together, then start on the details, while also starting my Kingdom Hearts Donald costume, and Youko from Tactics. Excitttement!
My sister and I may go to this con, All-con, which is at the end of our Spring Break. I'm hoping to finish Donald, so we can go as Donald and Goofy and maybe enter the costume contest. Either way, I'm really excited, because I may even meet some members of the DFW Cosplay Society.
Things with my roommate have been going awesome, because she's an awesome person. We both have a crazy addiction to the Colbert Report (she more than I), and we've also started this thing where if we do something cool, or say something cool, we put our fingers together and go "Go Team Venture!", because we are so geeky like that. I'm really glad that I've found such a great roommate.
I've also found out that dorms are like high schools. My roommate got talked about, because she broke up with her boyfriend, and he came back and would look all pathetic and people would ask him what's wrong, and he'd say something, and now things are being said about my roommate, like that she's a horrible bitch! I'm so pissed off at him, because she was fully justified in breaking up with him, and she's getting called the bitch! AND!! After like.. two weeks of totally looking pathetic, calling her, IMing her, even leaving her notes, he has a new girlfriend! I'm astonished, really. Because I thought he was going to get his shit together (which is why they broke up in the first place), and try to get back with her, but no. Now he's with this other girl, and I'm just like.. jeebus, rebound. I really want to go beat the shit out of him, for not being able to keep his damn mouth shut. Really, if asked about what happened between him and her, all he had to say was "It was hard, but I'd rather keep it between her and I." But no, he had to go tell his co-workers (he's also an RA in my building), who all talk to each other, then they go and tell THEIR friends, and suddenly, one of our friends is coming up to my roommate and telling her that people are saying she's a bitch. Fucking high school.
Okay, I've ranted and procrastinated enough, time for some accounting homework!
Until we meet again,

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