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My sleeping schedule sucks.

Last night I was up until 5 am, just trying to will myself to sleep. I had a warm towel around my neck (because it's been hurting lately, and that's where I carry all of my stress), took 3 ibuprofen (because in trying to do some of the Pilates movements that I remembered.. I hurt my back), and tried to count sheep.

At least I just have to get through two classes, and work tomorrow. Then my "Super Cosplay Extravaganza Weekend" shall begin.

Which shall consist of:
-Photoshoot of Youko in Azalea Gardens with Dave. Hopefully, there will still be some flowers left.
-Hitting up the Women's Shelter Shop and Goodwill for pieces of Wonderland!Honey-chan.
-Checking out Hobby Lobby and Walmart for any fabric related sales.
-Starting on Toph
-Attempting to restyle Honey-chan wig

There will also be DVDs watched, movies seen (I'm marathoning 300 and TMNT on Saturday), scarves to work on, and homework to be done.
A thorough cleaning of the dorm room is also in order.
I'm not wasting this weekend.
Now, if only I could get some sleep.
Until we meet again,
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So... Grey's Anatomy...

Cut for SPOILERS and the fact that I'm a weepy 8 year old little girl. )

So I love me some bloggers. I found out that by using blogger.net, I can search through and find songs and entire albums. In the course of discovering this, I've d/l-ded the Unkle Bob album (because I wanted the song at the end of Grey's Anatomy), Justin Timberlake, All American Rejects, 3 Days Grace, the Dixie Chicks, two Citizen Cope CDs (because my friend Chelle was going on about one of his songs), and 30 Seconds to Mars. <33333!

It's the weekend!
To do list:
-Study for ECO Stats test on Monday. (But do it during work XD;; )
-Pick up room.
-Clean up desk area.
-Clean kitchen.
-Clean living room. (Lots of cleaning!)
-Fern Gully with Kesha, Mary, and Allyson. (And also Lilo & Stitch)
-Make up Harry Potter jeopardy with Bridget.

I think I'll start with the last one =D!
Until we meet again,

EDIT: AND! because I've been tagged by [livejournal.com profile] kinomotou :
"List seven songs you are into right now, no matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your Live Journal along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to."
(Uploading them because EVERYONE needs to listen to Unkle Bob's song. <33333 )
30 Seconds to Mars- "From Yesterday"
Ouran Host Club- "Mata Ashita!"
Nickelback- "If Everyone Cared"
Wicked OST- "Dancing Through Life"
Frou Frou- "Must be Dreaming"
Rascal Flatts- "Bless the Broken Road"

Tagging: whoever wants to do it, but definitely, [livejournal.com profile] technicolorcage. YES YOU AMY DO IT!
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FINALS! Gah. (Thought I was gonna say Christmas, didncha?)

But yes.. speaking of Christmas, just for my own reference:
Mom: iTunes gift card, ornaments, some CD?
Dad: X-Box game, X-box 360 game (if Mom decides to give in and buy him one), a CD
Amy: A PS2 game, manga, some DVDs..

Lately, I've felt ... well, not enthusiastic about school. Burnt out, would be a better way of describing it. This semester, I've probably skipped more classes than my 2 previous years here at SFA. I don't know, it just feels like school isn't worth it lately. But yesterday, I got an email from someone inquiring about an interview for a summer internship. And I'm thinking that it's possible that these people, who I went and had dinner with through Beta Alpha Psi, might have asked for me specifically. My friend Stephanie also got an email, so I'm hoping that the both of us get an internship. It's an incredible oppurtunity, and if we get it, we'd be living in Houston for the summer. It's a paid position, so I'd be earning more money than I would at home at the cigar shop and at school, working as a DA and a SI. I think it's sparked an interest in accounting again. I feel enthusiastic and inspired. I want to do better than I am right now. So.. time to hit the books.
Until we meet again,

PS: This entry is really just to show off my funny Archimedes icon. God, I love me some Sword in the Stone. <3!

1. Get pictures for Alpha Omega developed.
2. Practice set for ACC 332.
3. Chapter 10 for ACC 343.
4. Start on Phase 3 for ACC 343.
5. ACC 332 homework.
6. Notes for PSC 142.
7. Extra credit papers for PSC 142.
8. Clean room.
9. Call Shawna about fixing the bobbin.
10. Call Danielle's dressmaker about going to get fitted.

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