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So... guess what I left behind in my dorm room? Let's see...
-my W-2 to give to my dad
-keys to the shop and to my aunt's house
And last but not least...
-my box of fabric (which means Toph will be appearing at Anime Matsuri, and not All-con)

DAMNIT. I wanted to work on Toph this week, at least try and have her done for All-con, but that won't be happening. Guess I'll try to work on Timeless River Donald and maybe try to do Belle's blue dress that I've been daydreaming about. (I did get a bunch of coupons from Jo-Ann's.) If worse comes to worse, maybe I can have new pants for Donald and Amy and I can finally wear Kaoru and Hikaru to All-con. (Which she totally got off work, yay!)
Speaking of All-con, since my sister and I most likely won't be staying at the hotel, anybody got a room where we can just change and drop off our stuff? We'd be much obliged!

I have neve been more appreciative of air conditioning and ceiling fans than this week. I went to turn on my ceiling fan last night to settle in to watch some Kamikaze Girls, and it wouldn't spin and there was this burning smell. Then I remembered that it started messing up towards the end of the summer last year, and so I tried to sleep without my fan. I tend to sleep with my door closed, but it was just like.. it was stifling in my room. I dragged out a fan and my dad turned the thermostat a degree or two, but it was still like, ugh. I want my ceiling fan!

I'll try to post a bit about Danielle and Rob's wedding, but for now, all you get is this: Cherry Vodka Sours are fucking fantastic. And I am a trendsetter.

Until we meet again,

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