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I know I've been kinda AWOL for awhile now, so.. now's a good a time as any for updates.

1. (Because lists are fun!) As I mentioned before, my Ethics class kinda consumed the last few weeks of school, since there was a HUUUGE presentation that I needed to have absolutely perfect in order to do well in the class. (The teacher decided she doesn't like me, because I went on an internship and decided to have a sick week and didn't tell her. Whatever.) Fortunately, my partner and I pulled out something rather impressive (we used ALL of our time), and plus.. the teacher made my partner cry. (Partner was going through some rather trying and VERY PERSONAL times, teacher tried to push the issue.. and yeah.)
Anyway, for the final, we had to study stuff from our own presentation, plus everyone else's. I tried out a new study technique of recording myself reading my notes and putting it on my iPod, and I came out of there with a B. Yes.

2. I also made a B in my Regulations class, and an A in my internship class. That means I have a 3.5 for my first semester as a grad student, and a 3.33 overall for the semester. Go me!

3. I started my job this past Monday. I'm a student assistant in the web course support office. Basically, if you're taking an online class and you're having trouble with it, you call us. (Like technical issues, not academic.) We also get some weird calls that we need to redirect sometimes. It's really laid back and I'm enjoying myself so far.

4. I also started a minimester course that's been sucking the majority of time besides my job. It's kicking my ass, and all I want to do is lie in bed and hide from it. And since it's sucking the majority of my time, it's sapping most of my energy, and my cosplay time.

5. Speaking of cosplay stuff, god, I hope I get everything done for A-kon. Giselle may be put on the back burner, and Dean Venture's already being pushed back, but damnit, everything else WILL be done.

6. A-kon: hotel? Check. Volunteer status? Proud volunteer for A-kon TV! Cosplay? ... I'll get back to you. I'm staying in the Westin with some of my Nacogdoches friends, plus my sister. So prepare for some drunken times in my room! Yeaaaah! I'll be there Thursday afternoon, hopefully. I'm also really excited because Hobbit is coming to A-kon!

7. Regarding my last rather serious post: Hobbit is okay. We've agreed to not speak to about it, especially after having a rather serious conversation. She said that the reason she was so affected was because Dave mentioned how his friend killing himself was "selfish bullshit", and she let that get to her. She promised me that everything she told me that night she would've told me anyway. (Well.. there were some things that were rather hardcore in their nature, and I doubt she would've told me any other time.) But still.. she seems relatively okay (okay as Hobbit can be), and we'll be going from there. Again, she's coming to A-kon, and I'm excited to have her here
for the first part of summer. And she has promised me that we will have a day every week that we will get together, so she will have someone to unload some of her issues onto.
I think that's what I miss the most about living with her. We both could just go into each other's rooms and talk about what's going on in our rooms. My favorite part of my day would be when Hobbit would scuttle (she really does do this, it's rather amusing!) into my room and hop into my bed, while I'm at my desk, and we'd just talk. Or just enjoy each other's company.

8. My current living situation: I'm pretty much settled into my apartment, and I've got my friend Nicole living with me for the summer. Things are a little bit cramped, since she's using her air mattress and has settled into the living room, and her things are mostly situated in my closet, but I'm enjoying having her here. My roommate Stephanie is heading to China for a few weeks, so it'll be just the two of us. Nicole's then heading to Indiana for the weekend, and Hobbit's coming up on Memorial Day to join us. Fun times, fun times!

9. Summer movie season has officially been kicked off! So far, I've seen:
-Forbidden Kingdom
-Speed Racer
-Prince Caspian
I'm very happy with my progress. And this weekend is INDY WEEKEND!! I'm so excited! I was afraid that I would be going to see it all by myself, but Lauren is coming to visit Chris, and she promised me that we'd spend some time together, and because both Chris and I are Indy fans, we'll be seeing that. SO EXCITED!

10. Speaking of Narnia...
My thoughts, cut for spoilers )
All in all, wonderful movie, will see again. Must go acquire the first one, so I can watch and enjoy. And the soundtrack was beautiful. I've been listening to Regina Spektor's 'The Call' for like.. an hour? (iTunes check: I've listened to it 5 times since I've downloaded it.)

11. An observation: it seems to me that my MySpace/Facebook pages are like.. dating central.. for my friends. My friend Lauren agreed to meet her current boyfriend Chris for coffee because I was friends with him. And since I'm friends with him, he can't be that bad. And they've been dating for about.. 9 months now? And Hobbit had some guy sending her limericks (limericks!) and he had previously added me on MySpace. (I met him through the DFW Metroplex Cosplay Coalition Scarborough Faire gathering.) So I find rather ironic that I can find my friends possible dates.. but not one for me. Oh! And another fun story: a guy messaged me on MySpace, looking for a date for his brother. Blah.
And it's a little frustrating because you have two females that feed off each other's energy, and we're both rather hormonal and in need of attention from the opposite sex. Yeah, if I'm rather affectionate at A-kon, it's because I'm in need of some attention. And if anyone else says, "BECOME A LESBIAN!", I will stab them in the face. Not because I'm homophobic or anything like that, it's because I've actually had people say that to me. That and to be "patient". Blah.

12. Another thing that's been going on is that I'm really easily irritated these days. I've been rather short with some people lately, and distancing myself from other because I can see myself being really mean and saying shit to them. So yeah.. I don't know if it's just because I'm genuinely irritated at them, or just .. being bitchy because I'm hormonal. So if I'm short or kinda mean, I'm going to try to reign it in, but don't take it personally. Again, I'm living with two other females (well, one right now), and we all kinda feed off each other's emotions, and yeah.. I'm only human. One that is very female, and a) in need of attention from the opposite sex, and b) kinda stressed about life.

13. Nicole and I decided that we're going to write a Harlequin romance novel. It will be epic.

14. Because I can't end things on an odd number, I'll just say this: life.. is pretty good. Now I just need a way to pay for school and rent, and I'll be golden.

Until we meet again,
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Don't wanna go to class. Don't wanna go to class. Heroes on tonight! But blah, must go to class. Must also go to group meeting afterwards, since it didn't happen last night (stupid people...)

But for now.. enjoy this.

Click here to create your own painting.
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My sleeping schedule sucks.

Last night I was up until 5 am, just trying to will myself to sleep. I had a warm towel around my neck (because it's been hurting lately, and that's where I carry all of my stress), took 3 ibuprofen (because in trying to do some of the Pilates movements that I remembered.. I hurt my back), and tried to count sheep.

At least I just have to get through two classes, and work tomorrow. Then my "Super Cosplay Extravaganza Weekend" shall begin.

Which shall consist of:
-Photoshoot of Youko in Azalea Gardens with Dave. Hopefully, there will still be some flowers left.
-Hitting up the Women's Shelter Shop and Goodwill for pieces of Wonderland!Honey-chan.
-Checking out Hobby Lobby and Walmart for any fabric related sales.
-Starting on Toph
-Attempting to restyle Honey-chan wig

There will also be DVDs watched, movies seen (I'm marathoning 300 and TMNT on Saturday), scarves to work on, and homework to be done.
A thorough cleaning of the dorm room is also in order.
I'm not wasting this weekend.
Now, if only I could get some sleep.
Until we meet again,
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What a day, what a day. I finally managed to make it to my Finance class after having not been since... the.. 26th? Yeah. I was somewhat angry with myself for continuing to miss class, but lately, the weather has been crap, with little nasties flying in the air and messing with my health. I haven't gotten my annual spring cold yet, but the general ickiness has made me more tired than usual. Bah. I was going in there, almost expecting a test, but luckily, we're just starting the chapter that will round out the material covered in the next test. So I will be going to the next few classes.
I also managed to make a 21/25 on my Eco Stats class. Which means I've got a pretty steady B. Not too bad for only studying for about anh our and a half. If I try a little harder, continue to go to class every class time, I might manage to make an A on the next test. I wouldn't mind having an A in that class.

After class, I had to run over to the bookstore to see if they had a copy of my Accounting practice set. They didn't (which is weird for the bookstore, given that it's the university's), so I had to run over to my room to drop off my books and head over to the independent ones. Before I headed out, I decided to call my doctor, since no one had called me on the results of my biopsy. When someone answered, I asked them and they informed me "This is their answering service. They'll be back in at 1:30." Since the line was a little static-y, I asked "Oh, okay, 1:30, right?" and then got ".... yeah *click*".

Ugh. Thank you. So I ventured out in world, picked up a practice set, went to sign for one of my shifts at work, then headed home. I watched more of Season 2 of House, and then got a phone call from Stephanie. We talked for awhile, then I tried to call my doctor again, this time around 2 pm.
"I'm sorry, he's out of the office. Try again on Monday."
... WHAT?! So I basically missed him by like what? 30 minutes. I'm calling as soon as I get out of class on Monday, if no one calls me before then. All this waiting is driving me batty. I know that "atypical cells" could mean nothing, but they also could mean something. Rawr.

Anyway... I finally finished Season 2 of House. Oh Hugh Laurie, how I love thee. He's such an asshole, but I still love him. But I'm also finding that I love Dr. Wilson a little more. I think what I like about House is more the sexual tension between House and Cameron. I just love Dr. Wilson. Then again, I thought Sean Robert Leonard was awesome after I saw Dead Poet's Society and Swing Kids. I'm just weird that way.

I beginning to really resent my General Business class. We have these presentations on case studies, in which a team of people present on an actual case, like the US vs. Microsoft, or Marc Kasky vs Nike. It seems like EVERYONE seems to believe that it's never really the business's fault. In Microsoft's case, the government went after them for no reason, or to try and make an example out of them. Never mind that some of their business practices were unethical and in some cases, illegal. Everyone says, oh, but Microsoft's not really a monopoly, I mean look at Apple today. I just wanted to point out how many people run Windows on their computer, or even use Windows programs. Hell, I use OS X, but I still have Microsoft Office (mostly because I need a spreasheet program, and it seems like OS X doesn't have a great one, or one at all). Plus, most of the reason Apple is big today is because of one thing: iPod. For me, the entire reason I switched to Macs was because I was fed up with the unreliability of PCs. I paid for most of my iMac, and I'm perfectly content with it. If my friend and I succeeded in building a computer for me after my last one died, then I'd be using a built PC.
I don't know. It just irritates when someone says that the Bhopal Incident was almost all the fault of the Indian government and none on the part of the company. Rawr. Righteous fury!

Ugh, I have a huuuuuge knot on the side of my neck. Time to go see if my roommate (the amateur massage therapist) will help me.
Until we meet again,
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Whose Eco Stats test totally got canceled? That would be... mine! YESSSSSSSS!
Which means more time for studying, since I didn't devote nearly enough time to it.
It also means that drunken karaoke is so happening tonight. Hellz yeah!

And ... a nap.
Until we meet again,


Mar. 22nd, 2007 05:05 pm
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POTC: At World's End Trailer

Excuse me while I go make myself a Barbossa costume. Because Geoffrey Rush is a pimp.
Bill Nighy is too but I think I have a ways to go as a cosplayer before I can make a tentacle face. Otherwise, oh, it would be on.
And besides, I'd have an awesome hat and an undead monkey. Who wouldn't want that?

In other news, I managed to make an 82 on my Accounting Intermediate II test. Which means I have a B in that class right now. Which means I have As and Bs in all of my classes. Yessssssss! I also made a 90 on my General Business class, but I spend most of that class either playing Sudoku or reading. So I win!

Spring is here, spring is here, life is skittles and life is beer! Not really though, because spring means all sorts of lovely little things in the air, which means my allergies are acting up. Bah. To top it all off, I HATE these daily contacts, I'd like to stab them in the face, and I'd like my other ones. So yay!

In other, other news, I get to ride the train on Saturday. *snicker* Which means no Cosplay Day Out. Very sad, but at this point, I don't really have any costumes that need photos of (well, Alice does, but she's craptacular, and I'm kinda mad at myself for bringing her down here, because she only takes up space). Plus, if I go, that may mean that Dave wants to go, and I'd need someone else in the car with me for the two hours that it takes to go to Humble. I love Dave and whatnot, but lately, I've been wanting to kill him more than hang out with him. He also needs to shave. (The grizzly man look does not look good on him, I'm sorry to say.) So, sorry to anyone that was expecting me!

I've also decided that I will be going to A-kon. Most likely, I will be going solo, as my sister's graduation is that Friday, and family is coming down. That said, I'll only be at A-kon most of Friday, missing opening ceremonies to go to her graduation, then returning that night. I'll probably head home Saturday afternoon for the graduation party. Amy's decided that she most likely won't cosplay this year, so the only costumes that will make an appearance for me will be Tamaki/Honey-chan, and Toph. So, Timeless River Donald and Goofy will be at AnimeFEST, and maybe Oni-con. I'm sad that we won't be our usual cosplay duo, but this is my sister's weekend, and I'm trying my best to accomodate both A-kon and family time. (Because I'll be stuck in summer school and missing out on the great Texas migration to AX *sadness*.)

On other cosplay stuff, I've decided that Easter weekend will be my Super Awesome Cosplay Weekend. Since I'm probably going to work through that weekend, and most of SFA will be gone, it's time to bust out some photography and costume work. I'm hoping to at least finish most of Toph, and maybe scour through some thrift stores for Wonderland! Honey-chan pieces. I'm going to also redo Honey-chan's wig, just because I got some tips from Crystal, and maybe even finally get Flower Card's wig all dyed up. I'm out of FC makeup right now, but I'd love to do a CCS photoshoot with people, since I know a bunch of DFW peeps are going to bust out them for A-kon. Maybe during one of my rare weekends home? We'll see. Maybe I can even get my sister into a costume. Another reason why I'm doing it during Easter is that less people around, so I can maybe head out to the Azalea trails for some pictures. It seems like SFA has some perfect settings for Ouran cosplay, and much more. I managed to take a couple shots today of some scenery, and there's also some from last year over at my Facebook.
Scenery @ SFA: March 22, 2007 )
Although I do sometimes complain about Naca-nowhere, the one thing I love about this place is the scenery, especially around fall and spring. So I'm doing my routine of carrying my camera around, to catch pictures of the flowers. I tried to get some pictures of the tulips around the Alumni Center, but because of the construction, no dice. Ah, well.

I have an Eco Stats test tomorrow. Bah. But tomorrow is also Samantha's birthday extravanganza. Booze and karaoke, and I just made a B on a test I totally failed. Hells, yeah! Sounds like a recipe for fun.
Well, I'm off for a short nap, then studying, Ugly Betty, and Grey's Anatomy.
Until we meet again,

My only worry lately is about the biopsy I had done a few weeks ago. I went in yesterday to get the stitches out (which is good because they were starting to drive me crazy), and while the doctor informed me that the preliminary tests showed no sign of cancer, there were still some "atypical cells" and they sent it off to Dallas for more testing. So I'm supposed to know something by the end of this week or the beginning of the next. While the whole "no sign of cancer" does cheer me up, the whole "we had to send it to Dallas to see wtf these guys were doing here."
Bah, I spent most of yesterday in a gloom before the appointment, and now I'm just like, alrighty then. The most I can do is hope for the best. So yeah.
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I'd preferably like to shoot myself in the face, but that would probably result in instant death. I've got three, maybe four, tests this week, Anime Club V-day Party Extravaganza tonight, Alpha Omega Induction as well (if we even get any pledges x_X;; ), the Harry Potter V-day Extravaganza tomorrow night, and planning bachelorette stuff on Friday. I work until 4 today, and then I have to make a Wal-mart run to pick up some candy for the Anime Club and cookies and chips for the HP club. Rawr.

I'm also dealing with the crazy COSPURAY DRAMA LLAMA that I helped feed. I don't know why I just didn't let things be. I had to contribute. Ugh. Now I just want to kill the stupid. With spoons.

Speaking of cosplay... I want to cosplay! I'm hoping to go to All-Con during my Spring Break, and I'm definitely planning on going to Anime Matsuri. The question is... who do I wanna cosplay? If I go to All-con, I definitely want to have Toph there. Which means Toph will make an appearance at Anime Matsuri. Either way, Toph is going to be at Anime Matsuri. But I want to also have a "pretty costume". I've been boys the last few times I've cosplayed, and then I've been Flower Card, but that was really too detail oriented. I want something kind of challenging! Had I been going to A-kon this year, that probably would've meant a Trinity Blood costume for me. Now that most of A-kon is a no-go, I want something else. For AnimeFest, I want to have XXX*Holic's Moro and Maru there. But if somehow I convince my mom to let Amy and I go to Otakon, they'll definitely be there as well. But once again, I want something challenging. I've been going through my cosplay lists, and thinking about who I'd like to pull out. My latest decision has been Fuu, from Magic Knights Rayearth. She's always been on my lists, since she's my favorite character. I'd love to do her Final Battle outfit, with that huge gigantic cape of hers, with those shoulder pads of DOOM. I think for the next few cons, my line-up will be:
All-con: (this con is a maybe)
Toph (Avatar)
Heroes character?
Kira (Dark Crystal)

Anime Matsuri:
Toph (Avatar)
Honey-chan (Ouran)
Wonderland!Honey-chan (Ouran, episode 13)

A-kon: (if I get to go Friday and Saturday)
Toph (Avatar)
Tamaki (Ouran)
Timeless River!Donald or new Halloweentown!Donald (KH)

Otakon: (if I get to go)
Toph (Avatar)
Timeless River!Donald or new Halloweentown!Donald (KH)
Moro/Maru (XXX*Holic)
Fuu (MKR)
Hikaru (Ouran)

Moro/Maru (XXX*Holic)
Hikaru (Ouran)
Fuu (MKR)

Kouji/Kouichi (Digimon- to appease my sister, and maybe do a Digimon group with [livejournal.com profile] kinomotou
Moro/Maru (XXX*Holic)
Hikaru (Ouran)
Fuu (MKR)

The list is tentative, of course. For Oni-con, since I won't have that much access to my aunt's sewing machine during the time between AnimeFEST and Oni-con, the only new costume will be Kouji/Kouichi, since that can be mostly closet cosplay.

Bah, enough cosplay ramblings.
I've got to go take my second test of the day.
Until we meet again,
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FINALS! Gah. (Thought I was gonna say Christmas, didncha?)

But yes.. speaking of Christmas, just for my own reference:
Mom: iTunes gift card, ornaments, some CD?
Dad: X-Box game, X-box 360 game (if Mom decides to give in and buy him one), a CD
Amy: A PS2 game, manga, some DVDs..

Lately, I've felt ... well, not enthusiastic about school. Burnt out, would be a better way of describing it. This semester, I've probably skipped more classes than my 2 previous years here at SFA. I don't know, it just feels like school isn't worth it lately. But yesterday, I got an email from someone inquiring about an interview for a summer internship. And I'm thinking that it's possible that these people, who I went and had dinner with through Beta Alpha Psi, might have asked for me specifically. My friend Stephanie also got an email, so I'm hoping that the both of us get an internship. It's an incredible oppurtunity, and if we get it, we'd be living in Houston for the summer. It's a paid position, so I'd be earning more money than I would at home at the cigar shop and at school, working as a DA and a SI. I think it's sparked an interest in accounting again. I feel enthusiastic and inspired. I want to do better than I am right now. So.. time to hit the books.
Until we meet again,

PS: This entry is really just to show off my funny Archimedes icon. God, I love me some Sword in the Stone. <3!

1. Get pictures for Alpha Omega developed.
2. Practice set for ACC 332.
3. Chapter 10 for ACC 343.
4. Start on Phase 3 for ACC 343.
5. ACC 332 homework.
6. Notes for PSC 142.
7. Extra credit papers for PSC 142.
8. Clean room.
9. Call Shawna about fixing the bobbin.
10. Call Danielle's dressmaker about going to get fitted.
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So, here I am again, back at SFA. Trying not to fall into bad habits is hard, but it usually catches up with me. And of course, one of those bad habits is not keeping up with my LJ. During the summer, I was pretty good about reading my friends' page, just not as good with posting up an entry of my own. I try, I really do, but my writing hasn't brought me the joy that it usually does, so I didn't feel the need to write.
So... I got rejected. I finally got up the nerve to ask Dave what he thought of the possibility of him and I being an "us", and he only thinks of me as a friend. Which, in retrospect, isn't so bad. I mean, I still get an awesome guy friend who does give nice hugs and watches anime with me. I think that had we gotten together, the only aspect of our relationship that would've changed would've been the fact that we could make out. Meh. The 20 year streak (soon to be 21 year streak) continues.
The only thing that really bugs me is that, well, he only thinks of me as a friend. I'm always the friend. And plus, he said that he wouldn't be good in a relationship. That statement right there bugs the crap out of me. I wanted to ask him, so how did you come to this conclusion? Did your past relationships not work out or what? But I guess it's all for the better. I tend to be a very jealous person, and he's the type that's very touchy-feely with other people. I think I would be angry/jealous for the better part of our relationship, and that's not a very healthy relationship. I guess I'm satsified with what we have. I mean, he's fun to hang out with. It's almost like having a gay male friend, only I don't think Dave is gay. Well, not completely gay. (I'm thinking he may be bisexual.)
The bright side of all this is now I can stop obsessing about our supposed relationship. I think my friends were getting tired of me mentioning it, and I was getting a little sick of myself as well.

Things at SFA are stressful and hectic as usual. I'm enjoying my new dorm room, with my own room, and little kitchenette and living room area. The only thing really missing in my room is my new iMac. My Dell (Sumomo) died about two weeks before school started, and all attempts to replace her soured. (My friend Antwan and I tried to build a new computer, that didn't work... my parents and I tried to order a refurbished Dell, only to have that particular model be sold out.) I'm paying for about 3/4ths of Sumomo 2.0 with bond money, and then the rest of my bonds go into a CD for a down payment on a car or apartment or whatever I need in the future. I'm looking forward to my new computer. It'll take me awhile to adjust to using a Mac, but honestly, I can't wait. I've found that I am not a fan of laptops in general usage (only in travel), and I'm sure my dad is anxious to have his laptop back.
I'm pledging for Alpha Omega and Beta Alpha Psi. Alpha Omega is a business fraternity, and Beta Alpha Psi is the accounting/finance honors fraternity. Both will help me succeed in the future, and look nice on my resume. Plus, several of my friends are in Alpha Omega, and Beta Alpha Psi invites accounting firms to come to speak to us. I've already seen a presentation on Grant Thornton, who sounds like an excellent employer, especially since they have offices in Dallas and Houston, plus New York, and if I achieve a specific level of management, I can go on a 'secondment', which means I can go work in a foreign country. Japan, of course, comes to mind first, but I wouldn't mind working somewhere in Europe, like the UK. But I think I'd settle for the Dallas office, while maybe working towards heading to the NYC office.
I also have to get an A and a B in my two accounting classes this semester in order to actually become a full-fledged member of BAP. My C in Cost Accounting has basically almost screwed me over. Thank you, Dr. Turner. But the good news is that most of the accounting department acknowledges that anybody who took Turner for Cost was basically screwed over. So, if I can get an A and a B in my Income Tax and Intermediate II classes, I'll be golden. I'm also thinking I may stick around SFA this summer, just to take Cost over, because my other study buddies took it during the summer and most got As. I think I'll also take some other courses, because my plan is to graduate by 2008. Which, technically, is right on schedule for someone on a 4 year plan, but I'm on a 5 year plan. So it may be December of 2008. Which means my sister would have completed one year, and a semester of college. Quite a scary thought.

Well, I'm feeling rather sick (this damn weather is kicking my ass. It's humid as hell one day, nice the next, sweltering hot the day after, and then raining after that), I'm gonna go get some rest before my Poli Sci class.
Until we meet again,
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Wow, I'm actually making an entry only like a day after my other one! Wow, that's an accomplishment.
Man, I have like.. no creativity. Whatsoever. I really wanna tap into my creative energies and make some new icons, make some graphics, maybe a new xanga layout, but like.. I have nothing. I feel so .. boring. And I've been doing this whole paper journal thing, hoping to tap into my creativity.. and nothing. I write, yeah, but like nothing really nice to make my journal stand out. Blah.
Anybody have any suggestions for a way to tap into my creativity? Maybe something I can do.. like writing, drawing or whatever? I want to make icons ;_;
My day has been okay so far. I've been settling into a routine and resigning myself to the fact that I have to get up at around 8 am to make myself look decent. I think once I get settled, I'll be a little more relaxed and able to get everything I need to done.
Tonight I have to work from 4 to 6, then I'm making my roommate watch Underworld, so she can come with me to go see Underworld: Evolution, if she chooses to.
A fun-filled weekend awaits, as well as stress-filled school days.
Hmph. Golden years, my ass.
Until we meet again,
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Here we go.. another year, another semester. It's only the first day, and I already feel exhausted, but that also could be attributed to the fact that I haven't been sleeping well lately. Hmph..
I also have been concentrating on my project for the year, which is keep a paper journal. I was bad at first, and had to do catching up, but now I'm all up to date. Here's hoping I'll keep up with them.
I think I'm going to also try to keep up with both of my journals. I do tend to update my xanga more, but that's only because more of my RL friends are there. But I really should keep up with the original journal, because I do read everyone's entries, I just rarely post. But that has been the trend with all of my journals lately.
I'm going to have a super crazy year. I'm taking 17 hours, working as a Desk Assistant and a Supplemental Instructor, my vice presidency in the Anime Club, my membership in the Harry Potter Club, and my wish to join a business fraternity. Yeah, I'm going to die.
But anyway.. they're kinda late, but here are my resolutions:
Tahiti's New Years Resolutions (late)
1. Take better care of myself (I'm even starting a diet!)
2. Make all A's. (I want a 4.0 and to be on the President's list!!)
3. Keep a paper journal, but also keep up with my LJ and xanga.
4. Make more friends.
5. Make a love connection..?
Five is iffy. But it would be the horrible irony that rules my life that I would find someone who would be interested in me, and I wouldn't have time for him. Fabulous. Oh, well. I'm open to possibilites.
I finally took advantage of the 6 userpics update, and uploaded a new icon. It's a "artsy/emo/pretty" picture of my new haircut. I only got it cut a couple of weeks ago, so of course, I had to take pictures of it. I'll probably also update my userinfo picture.. sicne I have one up from my birthday and I look like I have a giant bottom/upper lip. Or a singular lip. Yeah..
I also started my Alice the 19th costume. I found THE BEST fabric for the coat, and I'm so excited. Here's some pictures:
My progress on my Alice the 19th costume )
So yaaay, I'm really excited.
And thanks for the nudge, Nina. ^_~
Until we meet again,

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