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Well, tomorrow (actually more like later today..), I'm heading off to the great city of New York! Huzzah! My dream is finally coming truuuue! *ish so happy* We're going to be busy, busy, busy!
Times Square! Broadway! Chinatown! Rockafeller Center! Musuem of Modern Art! Statue of Liberty! Central Park! And sooo much more! I'm so excited. I've got my camera almost cleaned off, batteries charged, and my travel diary in hand. I hope to update while I'm in NYC, since the hotel we're staying at (Park Central, I believe) has wireless internet and my dad's taking his labtop. I'm a little upset tho.. the Museum of Modern art is holding an exhibit entitled Anime!!, and they're going to show the first episodes of random shows, like Kare Kano, Kenshin, and all kinds of good stuff. And it starts.. the day AFTER WE LEAVE! When Antwan told me that, I almost wanted to cry! And they had just finished an exhibit on the works of Miyazaki! ARgh.. But I'm hoping that maybe while we're there, we'll catch a glimpse of them setting up.
Ahh.. I still can't wait. It's gonna be greeeeeeat! *stops rhyming now*
I need to show off some pictures of my costume from A-kon. Even though I love Millie, I think that after only one con, I may be ready to put her away. *sob, sob, I know* I'm just bursting with ideas for other cosplay, and such. I really want to have KH Donald ready for AnimeFest, even if I don't get to go. Donald's always been a secret favorite of mine, and I think that I will be a good counterpart to my sister's Goofy. I'm also hoping to get started on our Tactics and Alice the 19th cosplay. If we can't do Alice the 19th, I kinda wanna do a Yoshitaka Amano cosplay.. Yeah, I know I don't play Final Fantasy, but still! The costumes I've seen of his work are absolutely gorgeous.. and I wanna try! I also want to do Revolutionary Girl Utena (Juri), Real Bout High School (Ryoko), Magic Knights Rayearth (Fuu), and Fushigi Yuugi (any incarnation of Nuriko). *siiigh* Such high cosplay dreams!
Well.. it's late, and I should be sleeping.
Until we meet again,

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