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Here we go.. another year, another semester. It's only the first day, and I already feel exhausted, but that also could be attributed to the fact that I haven't been sleeping well lately. Hmph..
I also have been concentrating on my project for the year, which is keep a paper journal. I was bad at first, and had to do catching up, but now I'm all up to date. Here's hoping I'll keep up with them.
I think I'm going to also try to keep up with both of my journals. I do tend to update my xanga more, but that's only because more of my RL friends are there. But I really should keep up with the original journal, because I do read everyone's entries, I just rarely post. But that has been the trend with all of my journals lately.
I'm going to have a super crazy year. I'm taking 17 hours, working as a Desk Assistant and a Supplemental Instructor, my vice presidency in the Anime Club, my membership in the Harry Potter Club, and my wish to join a business fraternity. Yeah, I'm going to die.
But anyway.. they're kinda late, but here are my resolutions:
Tahiti's New Years Resolutions (late)
1. Take better care of myself (I'm even starting a diet!)
2. Make all A's. (I want a 4.0 and to be on the President's list!!)
3. Keep a paper journal, but also keep up with my LJ and xanga.
4. Make more friends.
5. Make a love connection..?
Five is iffy. But it would be the horrible irony that rules my life that I would find someone who would be interested in me, and I wouldn't have time for him. Fabulous. Oh, well. I'm open to possibilites.
I finally took advantage of the 6 userpics update, and uploaded a new icon. It's a "artsy/emo/pretty" picture of my new haircut. I only got it cut a couple of weeks ago, so of course, I had to take pictures of it. I'll probably also update my userinfo picture.. sicne I have one up from my birthday and I look like I have a giant bottom/upper lip. Or a singular lip. Yeah..
I also started my Alice the 19th costume. I found THE BEST fabric for the coat, and I'm so excited. Here's some pictures:
My progress on my Alice the 19th costume )
So yaaay, I'm really excited.
And thanks for the nudge, Nina. ^_~
Until we meet again,

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