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My sister is a tomboy. ALways has, probably always will. She only recently got into make-up, and I've convinced her to cosplay some girls (so far.. ALL of them have been guys), so she's getting there. But not quite yet. So when I found she was going to prom, I wasn't very surprised. My mother and I had a discussion when I was buying my prom dress on whether or not she'd ever go to prom. I said she would, my mother disagreed. I won. So here she is, in all her glory.. so she can show her friends and teacher at school.

I was joking around when she was getting ready, saying things like, "My baby's growing up and.. savin' China!" My sister just gave me a look that clearly said, "Oh, please."
She won't be wearing frilly skirts or heavy makeup anytime soon, but hey, it's nice to see her dressed up once in awhile. But I do enough of it for the both of us. I'll just have to get her to go all out for cosplay.
A real update later on, once my room is unpacked and clean. (A rather nasty feat.)
Oh! And lovely new icons. Just a couple for now.. since I upgraded to the sponsored.
Until we meet again,
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I'd like for everyone to check out my icon.
And yes, my textbook REALLY DOES SAY THAT. I was like.. "oh, my.. dirty mind!" Hehehe..
And new icons! Yay for new icons!
Until we meet again,

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