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Trust me, there will be nothing beautiful about my breakdown.
I just need to get through next week, then it will be Oni-Con, then after that.. it'll be my brithday on November 6th, and then I can just drink my problems away. Yay for alcoholism! < /sarcasm>

Maaya, my iPod, finally has given up and I'm quite sad. I've gotten used to having her with me at all times, whether it's walking to class, driving around, or even playing solitaire in class. She was having problems these past few months, and I had hoped she'd make it to my birthday, when I could save some birthday money up to replace her. Well, looks like she just gave in. *sigh* I'll just have to deal with it until I can replace her, until then.. it's back to CDs and muttering to myself as I walk to class.

But in better news, I finally have a replacement computer: a 17-inch iMac, aka Sumomo 2.0. I'm going to have to use some bond money to pay for her, but I totally think it's worth it. She is gorgeous, and I've been slowing setting her up and getting everything sorted out. Antwan has promised to have my old harddrive put in an enclosure so I can transfer all my music and files over by Oni-Con and also copies of Office for Mac and iWork. Sadly though, the printer I had from my Dell doesn't have a Mac OS X supported driver, but Rob has promised he'll hunt around for me. If not, that's what I'll be asking for for Christmas.

Things have been okay for me. I feel like every week it's a struggle to get through, but if things go the way I'm thinking they will, I will be out of here by 2008, 2009 at the latest. That's a rather scary thought, but for right now I'm just concentrating on getting through this semester.

*sigh* Just get me through! I can do it!
Bah.. two Accounting tests on Tuesday.
Somebody hates me.

Until we meet again,

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