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What a day, what a day. I finally managed to make it to my Finance class after having not been since... the.. 26th? Yeah. I was somewhat angry with myself for continuing to miss class, but lately, the weather has been crap, with little nasties flying in the air and messing with my health. I haven't gotten my annual spring cold yet, but the general ickiness has made me more tired than usual. Bah. I was going in there, almost expecting a test, but luckily, we're just starting the chapter that will round out the material covered in the next test. So I will be going to the next few classes.
I also managed to make a 21/25 on my Eco Stats class. Which means I've got a pretty steady B. Not too bad for only studying for about anh our and a half. If I try a little harder, continue to go to class every class time, I might manage to make an A on the next test. I wouldn't mind having an A in that class.

After class, I had to run over to the bookstore to see if they had a copy of my Accounting practice set. They didn't (which is weird for the bookstore, given that it's the university's), so I had to run over to my room to drop off my books and head over to the independent ones. Before I headed out, I decided to call my doctor, since no one had called me on the results of my biopsy. When someone answered, I asked them and they informed me "This is their answering service. They'll be back in at 1:30." Since the line was a little static-y, I asked "Oh, okay, 1:30, right?" and then got ".... yeah *click*".

Ugh. Thank you. So I ventured out in world, picked up a practice set, went to sign for one of my shifts at work, then headed home. I watched more of Season 2 of House, and then got a phone call from Stephanie. We talked for awhile, then I tried to call my doctor again, this time around 2 pm.
"I'm sorry, he's out of the office. Try again on Monday."
... WHAT?! So I basically missed him by like what? 30 minutes. I'm calling as soon as I get out of class on Monday, if no one calls me before then. All this waiting is driving me batty. I know that "atypical cells" could mean nothing, but they also could mean something. Rawr.

Anyway... I finally finished Season 2 of House. Oh Hugh Laurie, how I love thee. He's such an asshole, but I still love him. But I'm also finding that I love Dr. Wilson a little more. I think what I like about House is more the sexual tension between House and Cameron. I just love Dr. Wilson. Then again, I thought Sean Robert Leonard was awesome after I saw Dead Poet's Society and Swing Kids. I'm just weird that way.

I beginning to really resent my General Business class. We have these presentations on case studies, in which a team of people present on an actual case, like the US vs. Microsoft, or Marc Kasky vs Nike. It seems like EVERYONE seems to believe that it's never really the business's fault. In Microsoft's case, the government went after them for no reason, or to try and make an example out of them. Never mind that some of their business practices were unethical and in some cases, illegal. Everyone says, oh, but Microsoft's not really a monopoly, I mean look at Apple today. I just wanted to point out how many people run Windows on their computer, or even use Windows programs. Hell, I use OS X, but I still have Microsoft Office (mostly because I need a spreasheet program, and it seems like OS X doesn't have a great one, or one at all). Plus, most of the reason Apple is big today is because of one thing: iPod. For me, the entire reason I switched to Macs was because I was fed up with the unreliability of PCs. I paid for most of my iMac, and I'm perfectly content with it. If my friend and I succeeded in building a computer for me after my last one died, then I'd be using a built PC.
I don't know. It just irritates when someone says that the Bhopal Incident was almost all the fault of the Indian government and none on the part of the company. Rawr. Righteous fury!

Ugh, I have a huuuuuge knot on the side of my neck. Time to go see if my roommate (the amateur massage therapist) will help me.
Until we meet again,

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