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So I've picked up a journal to get ready for the new year, and my project with [livejournal.com profile] embodiment. It's just a plain, black notebook, but I like it because it comes with a ribbon to hold my place and a another to hold my journal shut. I'll probably grab some of my Sailor Moon stickers I've got lying around somewhere, and decorate it, or maybe even decoupage the front cover. I haven't decided yet.

I also picked up THE coolest desk calender EVAAAR. It's the Disney Days calender, which means I get 365 pages of beautiful Disney characters. The best part? My birthday has THE LION KING! YESSS! Not only is it the Lion King, but it's the scene where Mufasa is explaining the boundaries of the Pride Lands to Simba. Am I a nerd? Hell, yes! But usually, on regular calenders, my birthday month always has the worst picture on there. So I'm super excited to have such a freakin' cool birthday picture. From now on, it's the Disney Days desk calender for me!

Man, I have about a week and a half before I head back to school, and I haven't started ANY cosplay projects. Bad Tahiti. But it hasn't been because I've been lazy. More like lack of funds. My funds won't be replenished until next Tuesday and then I get paid again on the 4th. THEN.. FABRIC GALOOOORRE! And wigs. I need to get a Honey-chan wig for Ikki-con, and I want to go ahead and get a Toph wig. Yaaay Avatar cosplay! =D I'm also debating whether I want to make a Bun-bun for Honey-chan. I may just go scour baby stores and whatnot, and if I can't find a pink fleece bunny, I'll just shell out to make one. Yay for Ouran cosplay.

Along with my cosplay addictions, lately, I've been drawn to ball-jointed dolls, pullips, and pinky st. dolls. I'm thinking I'd like a Little Pullip or a Pullip. Or even both. I'd have to save a little though. And wait until after I get a new iPod and a DS lite. (UGHHHH THAT'S RIGHT! WORK SLAVE MONKEY WORKKKKKK!) But I'd love to have something like the Little Swan or Little Lan Ai and Little Lan Ake. They just look so cute, and I'd like to have a doll like that. It's the little girl in me. I think Papin is adorable. Or if I get Little Swan, I'd like to have Rapha as well, as her "big sister". GAAH, I'm already getting into it. There goes all my other money. I think I'll just stop buying crap at cons. All I really do is buy manga because of the special prices, but I can always go to Waldenbooks or wait for a RightStuff sale (like I really should). Every once in awhile I'll buy a boxset, but I could wait for special sales at RightStuff and use birthday money. I think from now on I'll do that. Bring a little bit of money to buy fun stuff (like the little Sakura figure I've been wanting to go with my Syaoran, Kurogane, and Fai), any special plushies or posters (I want a Howl's Moving Castle, and I also want a Hitaachin twin badge that I saw at Oni-Con), and things like that. But nothing really over $50 to $100. Gah, my hobbies are so expensive. I'd be better off as a drug addict or something. LoL. At least I'll probably be working over the summer. Too bad it's at school for minimum wage. I might sell a couple of volumes of manga, just to get a little extra cash. Blah, why do I have to have such expensive tastes?

But before any of that, I need to get a haircut. My current hair length is atrocious and my highlights are growing out. (I haven't had a haircut since August, and my roots need retouching, since my hair's grown about 2 or 3 inches.) I'm debating about dying it a shade of red. I really like how my Hikaru Ouran wig looks on me, but I don't like that bright of red. I'll probably discuss it with my usual hair stylist, because I'd hate to get it done and then look horrible. We'll see. I'd also like to get my nails and toes done, because it's been ages since I've done anything with them, and my toes look icky. I'd like them to look nice before I head back to SFA.

I've been so bored at night lately, I could really use a project, or at least a fandom to gush over. There aren't any new shoes until I go back to SFA, then it's House, Heroes, Law & Order: SVU, Lost, Grey's Anatomy, and Ugly Betty GALORE! Huzzah!
Speaking of my fandom, I finally watched Underworld: Evolution last night after owning it since Thanksgiving and meaning to watch it ever since it came out. And all I have to say is.. SERIOUSLY?! Did the writers and the director forget everything they set up in the first movie? And um.. isn't there some general vampire guidelines that you have to follow? And when did Selene get those superfast maneuvers? They didn't show up in the first movie, which supposedly happened like.. the day before in the storyline. But oh my.. Michael. *swoon* Oh, Scott Speedman. You were kinda icky in Felicity, but in the Evolution movies.. YUM. And you were all shirtless in this movie. LOVVVVE! But still... There were a lot of inconsistencies, and it seemed like they really didn't follow some of the general vampire lore. But then again, I'm a sad, sad little fangirl. And I'm delighted by Scott Speedman shirtless. And naked. Oh happy days.
Well, that's enough for now.
Until we meet again,

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