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Let's see. I'd want to start in the U.S. Three months of traveling to see landmarks in the U.S. I'd start with the East Coast: Washington D.C. for starters, then head west. I'd go down to New Orleans again and drink on Bourbon Street. Back up to Mount Rushmore, then over to the Grand Canyon. Vegas would definitely be a stop. Finally, end up in California, hitting up DisneyLand, Hollywood, L.A. Then it would be off to Hawaii. In between all of that, I'd just want to hit up random small towns, as I love the idea of "Town Square". Both Nacogdoches, and Saint Joseph have these great older town centers that have these store front style buildings. I love it!

After Hawaii, it's Japan. Easily two months here, just exploring the country, getting lost, and all that. Mt. Fuji, Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka, Harajuku. Shrines, the Ghibli Museum, the lolita stores, theme restaurants, etc.

Two weeks in Australia. Just long enough for me to enjoy Sydney, see a koala bear and kangaroo.
Two weeks in India, with New Dehli, and the Taj Mahal. I'd probably take a crap load of pictures here, because Indian women are BEAUTIFUL no matter what their age, and the colors!

Two weeks in Egypt, exploring the pyramids. Holy crap would that be AWESOME, then two weeks in Kenya, checking out the nature preserve there.

The four months would be spent in Europe. I'd probably start with the Mediterranean. Greek and Roman mythology have always been a favorite subject of mine, so I'd explore the museums and all the fun stuff like that. I'd have to devote at least a day or two of following Dan Brown's map of Rome and the Vatican City, to see if everything is laid out as he said it would in "Angels & Demons" (what, I'm a nerd!). A day of St. Peter's Basilica, easily. I'd travel up Italy, over to France. Paris I would have a ball in. The Louvre, Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower... I would so be Typical American Tourist. Germany and Spain would also be on my list, and I'd probably end up in England. Before this world wind journey, I would do research on my family's history, to try and see where my families come from. Armed with this knowledge, I'd hit up Austria and the U.K., as well as Ireland.

For my last month, I'd relax. Take a breather from this whirlwind of world travel. I'd island hop in the Caribbean, and finish it up for a good week of DisneyWorld.

Man.. that would be so fun.

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