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Dear Kingdom Hearts Character Designers,
      DEAR GOD WITH THE ZIPPERS. Please, seek help for you zipper fetish. It worries me. I know you got help for the belt fetish (HELLO, LULU!), but seriously, seek help now. Because after making Donald's hat.. I think I want to go throw myself off a bridge now. Seriously. Plzkthx.

Yeah, that has been my life lately. ALL COSPLAY. And work. Work, work, work. It hasn't been too bad. But today, because I'm getting Thursday and Friday off, I have to work ALL DAY. Like.. 10 to 9. Yeah, egads. Which means I have to rush over to my aunt's house afterward to finish up last minute details on Donald and Alice's outfits. Donald is pretty much done. I just need to sew down some trim, then paint his shoes. I wanted to make some plushie webbed feet for A-kon, but that's so not going to happen. Maybe for AnimeFEST or Oni-con. Alice probably won't have boots, because the size I ordered from Cosworx was right, but they wouldn't fit around my leg. Stupid fat calves! I hate yoouuuuuu. So yeah.. I'm not sure WHAT I'm going to wear for Alice. I'll just have to dig in my closet and see what looks good. I'm so excited tho. A-kon is going to be awesome. Amy made my wand for Donald, and so far, it looks fantabulous. Like, seriously. She hasn't painted it yet, but omg, I'm so impressed. She will have to teach my some of her skillz this summer. I bow down to her. I was nagging her and whatnot, but I couldn't be happier with what she turned out. I really wish she could pursue art as a full time thing, but these days, it doesn't seem like the way to go. But I hope she can still learn all she can, so she can pass that knowledge onto me, and we can make fantabulous props for cosplay. (Which, btw, will have pictures coming soon.)

A-kon is at the end of this week, and I can hardly wait. It seems that time just flew by. I wish I had like.. just ONE day, so I could get things in better order, and possibly ATTEMPT to make boot covers for Alice. But that doesn't seem possible now, since I have work until 9 today, then work until 4:30 tomorrow, then a haircut, and a trip to Wal-mart for food stuff, plus finishing details on Alice. I think I may have an all-nighter Wednesday night, just to finish the details on Alice's coat, along with packing. Thank goodness I have Thursday off. All I have to do before heading up to the hotel is a dentist appointment. Gotta get some cavities filled and get some info about going to speak with my orthodontist. Bah.

The thing that annoys me the most about having to go speak with my orthodontist is that I was already supposed to have spoken with him. My parents knew that my upper front teeth and lower front teeth were end-on, and that the lower teeth were grinding down the uppers. They knew that my lower jaw was growing faster than my upper, and was resulting in my upper front teeth being worn down. I also grind my teeth at night, and will probably have to get a nightguard made. And my parents act like this is something new. Like this is my fault. Yes, I can control my lower jaw growth, and also how I move my mouth when I am asleep. Please, if I could control that, I would've made it so that I never would've needed braces, or that thing that you made me wear to pull my upper jaw forward a bit. That was not fun.  And yes, I know how expensive these things are. Thank you for making me feel guilty because of something I cannot control. You're the one who made me go to that guy who instead of fixing the problem (like suggesting talking to my orthodontist, and maybe getting a nightguard) wanted to put fucking caps on my teeth! Who also wanted to remove my wisdom tooth (even though it has NEVER bothered me), and finally, jabbed me with a needle during another procedure and when I was practically having a panic attack during said procedure let me breath for a MINUTE, then continued what he was doing. You think I want these things to happen? Yes, I would like to have to go talk to someone about possibly having surgery that involves BREAKING MY JAW to move it back so that my teeth will not be worn down. I would also like to go get cavities filled, because I am just that sadistic. That's EXACTLY what I want. Bah.

Enough about that. I'm trying not to think about it, and just focusing on A-kon, aka WEEKEND'O'FUN. Most of my friends are going to be there (at least the ones who are into anime). And Heather told me that her husband Nathan got me something! I'm like.. What?! You guyyyyys.. I don't need anything.. but what is it?! (Speaking of presents, I need to get Danielle something nice.. maybe some nice Saiyuki yaoi.. must remember what pairing she likes the best.. I think it was Goyjo/Hakkai, but it could be Goyjo/Sanzo.. *racks brain*) Antwan's of course going to be there, the A-kon TV whore that he is, along with some Nacogdoches friends, including.. my crush. Yes, my crush Dave will be there. Not only will he be there, but he'll be IN MY ROOM. *dies now* Not only that, two other people who will be staying in my room are Kevin and Ben, which means I will have 4 members of Delta Delta Rho (the pseudo DDR frat) in my room. I've already predicted that I will come back to my room, and they will be trashed. Crazy stuff. I'm a little sad that Chelle's not going to be there, but she wasn't planning on going to A-kon this year anyway. But still.. it would've been nice to have her in the same country so I could at least text message her. I haven't talked to her since she left for the Phillipines. I miss her.. I also wish Allyson, my roommate, would've been able to come. That would've been fun to the extreme. But still, I'm promising myself that this year WILL BE an awesome time, not plagued with drama like the last two have. And I also want to be able to hang out with Melanie, because I've missed her. Ohh, excitement!

I want to read some really good books this summer. As in.. those that enhance my intelligence. So far, I've read:
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells
Little Altars Everywhere by Rebecca Wells
Born Confused by Tanuja Desai Hidier
Out by

My book wishlist goes something like..
Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire
Mirror, Mirror by Gregory Maguire
The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis
The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis
The Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis
The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (in fact, I'd like to read most of her works)
Ya-Yas in Bloom y Rebecca Wells
Bad Twin by Gary Troup
Headlong Hall by Thomas Love Peacock
(both of those titles deal with Lost musings)
America by the Daily Show Crew
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See (recommended to me by Chelle)
There's also these philosophy books dealing with Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia that I want to read. *siiiigh* So many books, so little time.
Anyway... I'm still at work, still very bored.
Guess I'll continue reading.
Until we meet again,
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I've been working feverishly for the past 2 weeks getting costumes together for A-kon. I've semi-finished one, and started another. My poor Alice has been neglected, but tomorrow I will be working on some stuff for her, so hopefully I'll have something to show for it tomorrow. A-kon is in like.. 2 weeks, and I'm hoping and praying I can get everything done. I'm in a good place right now, so I'm hoping things will end up well. Otherwise, Alice will have to wait till another con. Because Youko and Donald will be ready for my sister's and my cosplay duo debut. Plus, I've been asked to participate in a KH photoshoot and I was one of the planners of the HUUUUGE KH gathering. I don't want to let anyone down!
But yeah.. here's my cosplay progress:

Man, I can't wait till A-kon. Good times, good friends, good costumes (hopefully!)... Excitement!
Anyways.. my room STILL isn't clean. -_-;; I'm just gonna like.. stuff everything in a corner and hope for the best. Except that there aren't any free corners in my room. Bah. And it probably still won't be clean for awhile.. not unless I have a free afternoon in which I don't feel like sewing (not likely) or a night where I want to stay up all night. Which isn't going to happen soon. Oiy.. Oh, well.
I think on Friday I'm going to make a [community profile] adayinmylife post, so I'll be taking pictures all day. Which is good, since Friday is X-men 3, which means my friends and I will get together and have dinner and whatnot. Yayness!
Anywho.. bout time I headed to bed...
Until we meet again,
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Life has been pretty mundane lately. I've been settling into a routine. Reminds me of school, but at school, I wasn't earning money while I was there. At work I am. Which is nice, since I'll be needing all the funds I can get for A-kon.
Speaking of A-kon, it's in like.. 3 weeks! And I haven't even started on Donald! I started Youko on Tuesday, and she's almost complete. I just need to sew up the sides, attach the collar and hem, and create the obi. After that, I just need to paint the designs onto the kimono and obi, and Youko's done! I'll probably save the painting for the DFW Cosplay Society's Sew-A-Thon day, just so I can have something to do.
Alice is.. about halfway done. I've got part of the skirt ready to be sew, and then parts of the jacket need to be created. Then the details. Ugh.. I'm not looking forward to the details. But as long as I keep up the pace that I am, I'm sure Alice, Youko, and Donald will be done in time.
Well, back to work with me.
Until we meet again,

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