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So, here I am again, back at SFA. Trying not to fall into bad habits is hard, but it usually catches up with me. And of course, one of those bad habits is not keeping up with my LJ. During the summer, I was pretty good about reading my friends' page, just not as good with posting up an entry of my own. I try, I really do, but my writing hasn't brought me the joy that it usually does, so I didn't feel the need to write.
So... I got rejected. I finally got up the nerve to ask Dave what he thought of the possibility of him and I being an "us", and he only thinks of me as a friend. Which, in retrospect, isn't so bad. I mean, I still get an awesome guy friend who does give nice hugs and watches anime with me. I think that had we gotten together, the only aspect of our relationship that would've changed would've been the fact that we could make out. Meh. The 20 year streak (soon to be 21 year streak) continues.
The only thing that really bugs me is that, well, he only thinks of me as a friend. I'm always the friend. And plus, he said that he wouldn't be good in a relationship. That statement right there bugs the crap out of me. I wanted to ask him, so how did you come to this conclusion? Did your past relationships not work out or what? But I guess it's all for the better. I tend to be a very jealous person, and he's the type that's very touchy-feely with other people. I think I would be angry/jealous for the better part of our relationship, and that's not a very healthy relationship. I guess I'm satsified with what we have. I mean, he's fun to hang out with. It's almost like having a gay male friend, only I don't think Dave is gay. Well, not completely gay. (I'm thinking he may be bisexual.)
The bright side of all this is now I can stop obsessing about our supposed relationship. I think my friends were getting tired of me mentioning it, and I was getting a little sick of myself as well.

Things at SFA are stressful and hectic as usual. I'm enjoying my new dorm room, with my own room, and little kitchenette and living room area. The only thing really missing in my room is my new iMac. My Dell (Sumomo) died about two weeks before school started, and all attempts to replace her soured. (My friend Antwan and I tried to build a new computer, that didn't work... my parents and I tried to order a refurbished Dell, only to have that particular model be sold out.) I'm paying for about 3/4ths of Sumomo 2.0 with bond money, and then the rest of my bonds go into a CD for a down payment on a car or apartment or whatever I need in the future. I'm looking forward to my new computer. It'll take me awhile to adjust to using a Mac, but honestly, I can't wait. I've found that I am not a fan of laptops in general usage (only in travel), and I'm sure my dad is anxious to have his laptop back.
I'm pledging for Alpha Omega and Beta Alpha Psi. Alpha Omega is a business fraternity, and Beta Alpha Psi is the accounting/finance honors fraternity. Both will help me succeed in the future, and look nice on my resume. Plus, several of my friends are in Alpha Omega, and Beta Alpha Psi invites accounting firms to come to speak to us. I've already seen a presentation on Grant Thornton, who sounds like an excellent employer, especially since they have offices in Dallas and Houston, plus New York, and if I achieve a specific level of management, I can go on a 'secondment', which means I can go work in a foreign country. Japan, of course, comes to mind first, but I wouldn't mind working somewhere in Europe, like the UK. But I think I'd settle for the Dallas office, while maybe working towards heading to the NYC office.
I also have to get an A and a B in my two accounting classes this semester in order to actually become a full-fledged member of BAP. My C in Cost Accounting has basically almost screwed me over. Thank you, Dr. Turner. But the good news is that most of the accounting department acknowledges that anybody who took Turner for Cost was basically screwed over. So, if I can get an A and a B in my Income Tax and Intermediate II classes, I'll be golden. I'm also thinking I may stick around SFA this summer, just to take Cost over, because my other study buddies took it during the summer and most got As. I think I'll also take some other courses, because my plan is to graduate by 2008. Which, technically, is right on schedule for someone on a 4 year plan, but I'm on a 5 year plan. So it may be December of 2008. Which means my sister would have completed one year, and a semester of college. Quite a scary thought.

Well, I'm feeling rather sick (this damn weather is kicking my ass. It's humid as hell one day, nice the next, sweltering hot the day after, and then raining after that), I'm gonna go get some rest before my Poli Sci class.
Until we meet again,
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Okay, so here's the deal. This past weekend was by far.. one of the worst I've ever experienced.
First off, I was supposed to take my roommate to the bus station so she could catch a bus to a family get-together. So yeah, we leave about 12:15 and get going, thinking we have the right address, and it's supposedly right down the road, right? WRONG! We almost ended up in Lufkin, before I realized that we're probably not on the right track. We go around in circles for a bit, Allyson trying to get the right directions from her mom, which isn't really helping. We finally get on the loop, which is where we're supposed to be.. but we don't know where the thing is. Her mom said it would be near an Exxon and the Exxon is Mini mart type thing. Well, I see an Exxon, but it's not a mini mart, so I'm like.. okay. I turn around, and finally park somewhere so Allsyon can call her dad. It's like.. 12:55, Allyson's bus leaves in like 10 minutes, and she still has to get her ticket. We finally call her dad AND the bus station, and they tell us that they're right near the Exxon I've been passing. So we get there just in time for Allyson to catch her bus. So okay.. she's on her way to Houston, but I've missed a meeting for work. Oh, well.. I'll email my person in charge and let them know the deal later on. So I go back to my room for a nice nap. I get about an hour in before I'm called. No one signed up for this shift, so they call me in. I also find out that my friend doesn't feel well, so we're just going to hang out and have a movie night instead of going out to dance. No big deal.
So, after getting off work, I head back to the building and what do I see? The guy I like working the desk. I end up talking to him for almost TWO HOURS, just us going back and forth. Towards the end of his shift, this girl passes by. He calls out to her, and they hug. And this wasn't just.. any kind of friendly type of hug. She was friendly.. he had his hands on her waist, and he kissed her neck in a very intimate way. I'm thinking ".. damnit.. I'm an idiot", so instead of like.. staring at them, feeling really stupid, I pull out my cell phone and send a text message to a friend, secretly praying for my other friend to call me so we can go pick some movies up. After that girl leaves, he turns to me and is like "I'm such a masochist." And I'm thinking.. "So am I, hun... so am I." So blah. The guy I like.. likes some other girl.. and I found out this other girl has a boyfriend! So yeah.. FRUSTRATION! So finally, my friend Caroline calls me, and we head up to Hastings to pick out some movies. I end up buying 40 Year Old Virgin, Mr & Mrs Smith, and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants to cheer myself up. We also run by Walmart so I can get some supplies (orange juice and other necessities). So yeah.. we come back and Caroline cheers me up and we watch Team America.
So fast forward to Saturday morning. I get up around noon, because I have work at 2, and I need to get some time in for food. Well, I go to turn on my computer, and I notice my monitor is off, not on stand-by. I'm thinking.. I didn't turn it off, so I go to turn on my computer and my monitor. Only there's a problem.. my monitor's not working. So yep, you guessed it.. my monitor is broken and I will have to get a new one. Thankfully, I get to go home this weekend for Spring Break, and I was planning on taking my computer home anyway.. so yep.. gotta get a new monitor. I'm using the computer lab in the library right now, so I'm not constantly mooching off of my roommate's computer.
Anyways.. so yeah. I work from 2 to 6, then grab some food and start a cleaning frenzy. I did laundry, I cleaned the bathroom, I did all sorts of stuff. I was like.. trying to get all of my crazy energy out. Then, I had to work from 10 to 2 am, and watched adult swim and FMA and all that stuff. So.. I get off work, and I'm walking back to my dorm. I see these four drunk guys walking towards me at an intersection. I'm thinking.. great.. just walk past them, just walk past them, ect. ect. and as I'm going to pass them at the intersection, a car pulls up, and the guys start yelling at the people in the car. Well, they must've pissed the car people off.. because I feel something graze by my face and get me wet. What was it..? BEER! That's right, some stupid jerk-offs threw BEER on ME, while aiming for the stupid drunk guys. Fabulous. So as I pass the drunk guys, wiping the beer off of my face, thinking "I JUST washed this hoodie", I'm just fighting back tears. I got back to my dorm room and just cried. I felt HORRIBLE. And my roommate wasn't there, and I was just like.. "THIS SUCKS!" If I had seen the guy on my way in to the dorm.. I probably really would've lost it. And yeah.. It sucked. I was never more happy than to go pick up Allyson. Danielle also cheered me up by just listening to my emo-ness, and letting me come over and watch the Buffy musical. Fun times.. So yeah.. that was the bulk of my weekend.
I also watched the Oscars, which were pretty good. Poor Jon Stewart. He just looked like he was about to laugh at himself. He was probably thinking.. "how in the hell did I get here?" I was laughing so hard when "It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp" won for Best Song. But I think it was well-deserved. I liked it more than the other two.
Stephen Colbert is SO going to be gloating tonight. He correctly predicted the winners of the Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Supporting Actress categories. He almost said Brokeback Mountain was going to win, but he didn't.. so you could say he won that. Tee hee.
Well.. it's about time for me to go teach some Management Accounting. Fun, fun.
Here's hoping this week kicks ass.
Until we meet again,

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