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i realize now i do not fear death... i fear my daughter will not be free when i die

- From the Twitter of an Iranian medical student

"If it bothers you so much, then why don't you stop watching?" seems to be the question of the last few days from my friends and family who know how invested I have become in the cause of the Iranian people (as I have explained in great detail here) The answer is simple: one day of caring is not enough. We must be the voice for the people of Iran who would otherwise be silenced. They are without reliable news sources, they are without mobile phone calls, text messaging, facebook, twitter, youtube, AIM, Yahoo, Google, and pretty much every other useful outlet for information you can think of. Yet they persist on the streets and on the internet in any way they can. The least we can do, whether we are across continents, oceans, or time zones, is spread their words safely.

My death is irrelevant.Wht is important is that u do not forget my words.We want freedom.i will die 4that

- From the Twitter of a protester in Tehran

Right now, brave men and women in Iran, both young and old, are sacrificing their lives for their voices to be heard. They must fear not only the police, but also the Basij -a force of men loyal to the government who plant themselves among crowds in plain clothes in order to discretely attack protesters and incite chaos.The protesters are peaceful. They mass together in crowds that are reported to grow in size every day. At night they have very few, if any, safe places to stay. Houses with satelite dishes were attacked by the Basij tonight, and during the 50 minutes of Twitter's maintenance, another university was attacked.

140 characters is a novel when you're being shot at.

- From another Iranian Twitter


  1. The most obvious thing to do is stay informed. Keep an eye on reliable sources on Twitter, refresh blogs and news sites that are covering the stories.

  2. If you are on twitter, retweet information from reliable twitters, but REMOVE THE USERNAME if they are in Iran. People have died because of the lack of responsibility by fellow tweeters and the media in this front. They can be tracked down by the government of Iran.

  3. Spread the information elsewhere. Repost this article or write your own on Facebook, Myspace, Tumblr, or anywhere else you can think of. If you write your own, make sure you are concise and accurate. Link to your sources for people to learn more.

  4. Change your location on Twitter to Tehran or Iran, and your time zone to GMT +3:30.

  5. DO NOT auto-refresh and take down websites, even if you are asked. It slows down the internet for the rest of the people in Iran.

  6. If you make a proxy DO NOT post it publically, otherwise it is useless. Send it in a direct message to a trusted source.

  7. DO NOT spam the hash tag #IranElection with useless things to "confuse the government". This does not help at all.


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- original article by one_hoopy_frood on LJ


been awhile since I've wrote anything geared towards being aware of something, and since November, I haven't really paid attention to the news. I haven't wanted to. I was tired of the ugliness, the petty arguments, and the mudslinging. Lately, the news (what little we have) is just.. I don't really have words. It's inspiring to see so many come together. Let's hope their voice will be heard. 

For those of you wanting to get a little more history, there's a book called Persopolis, which is told from the point of view of Marjane Satrapi. It gives an interesting look at how America has affected the shaping of current day Iran. We may fear their nuclear possibilities, but in some way, we created those fears ourselves.
(And for those less literally inclined.. there's a movie too!)  

Until we meet again,


Jul. 2nd, 2006 01:08 pm
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Bah, once again I've forgotten to update this thing. If you couldn't tell, A-kon has come and gone (almost a month ago!). It was awesome. Youko was so comfortable to wear, I only wore Alice for a couple of hours (mostly because she's unfinished and I didn't like wearing my sneakers with my costume), but Donald. Oh, man.. Donald was so well recieved. I feel so proud of myself, and of my sister, for the beautiful wand she made. If we stopped for someone to take a picture, like.. 10 more people would gather behind. It was awesome. If you check out my Flickr account, I have some A-kon pictures that I've taken. It was so much fun. And things progressed with Dave! Hehe.. it was quite nice.
Anyway, I'm thinking about getting a journal with Vox, but not something that's a personal journal. I'd like to start like.. a movie/book review type thing. Where I can just type about my thoughts of the books and movies that I'm currently into. I think my motto of the site would be "Well, I have a microphone, and you don't, so you will listen to every damn word I have to say!" from The Wedding Singer. Or maybe not. Just my random musings.
I'm thinking the real point of the site would be just a place for me to write something other than what's going on in my life. I can't really write anything philosophical (my roommate, Allyson, is better than that than me), my politics are all over the place, and the muses haven't visited me in a long time, so I haven't really done anything creative for awhile. Even my newfound love for Angela Aki's music hasn't inspired me. It's a little disheartening, because I love to write. I just haven't had anything to inspire me to write. I'm hoping that just hammering away on my opinions on books and movies will maybe awaken some creativity within me. Who knows? But yeah.. anybody know exactly how I can get a Vox? It seems to be kinda like when Gmail first opened up.. it was invite only. Anybody got a spare invite I can use?

In other news, what's up with me getting weird messages from people on MySpace? Like, I got a message from a guy saying how my profile was cool, he'd like to get to know me better, and that he liked my Millie cosplay rather than my Donald cosplay. Uhh.. okay? I replied to him back, and so far, he's not completely crazy (not like the one guy who kept messaging me, claiming he was not a 'werdio'.. yeah, right). But still.. it's weird. But right now, I'm really just into Dave. I'm not really up for a relationship right now, as far as summer goes, simply because I've been focusing on working and getting money for some new clothes, and some cool new gadgets for my new dorm room.

I really wish my friend Antwan would hurry up and request those books I asked him to. Headlong Hall is for my Lost fandom, and the anime book is just for my increase of knowledge. I also asked him to request a copy of Ann Coulter's new book. I would try and get it from my local library, but they only have a copy on tape. Bah. Allyson has turned me on to David Sedaris, I bought like.. 3 or 4 of his books from my local Half Price, along with my own copy of America. I've been switching back and forth between America and David Sedaris' Naked, but I seem to be focusing more on Naked, simply because it makes me roll on the floor with laughter. I still have so many books to read, and it's already July. The rest of Narnia needs to be read, along with Son of A Witch and Mirror, Mirror. It gets hard to read some of my books, because most of my time is spent at work, and I'd to not have my books smell like an ashtray. And customers tend to look at me funny when I have manga. Blah.

I'm totally addicted to White Chocolate M&Ms. Yummm...
Well, time to pretend like I'm a hardworking employee. (I just got a raise at work, too! Yay for money, and yay for getting cosplay supplies!)
Until we meet again,

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