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So, today, I'm working up at the cigar shop. Yay for Sarah, makin' that money. And after this, there will be some awesome face melting when I go see Tenacious D: Pick of Destiny. Which makes me think of my friend Brennan, who told me about this movie, like... 3 years ago. Seriously.
I got back last night, and my cousins beat me. Crazy. I might be moving over to my aunt's house, because the futon mattress is horrible uncomfortable for me, and plus it's crazy crowded. My 15 year old cousin Katy brought her boyfriend, so you have my parents, my sister, my 3 cousins, the boyfriend, my aunt and uncle, my 2 dogs, and me. Yeaaaah.. a little too crowded for me.

So last weekend was my belated CH birthday party extravaganza. Not really tho. Basically a bunch of us got together and got a little smashed. (I'm totally lying.) And now, the new Sarah story in my family is how I was doing shots of vodka. I did TWO, people. TWO! And I didn't even finish the second. Bah, I was about to bust out my leftover Smirnoff last night after my dad kept challenging me to do shots with him. Oh, my family. Your influence has led me to a life of alcoholism. Yay.
Lauren and Allyson came with me, and on Saturday, after breakfast and a shower (since I kept spilling vodka all over me), we headed to the mall, as per usual. The mall just doesn't seem as exciting as it usually does, anymore. Probably because I'm poor. I did manage to pick up Rozen Maiden 2, Kamichama Karin 1, and Chibi Vampire 1. I also ordered Boys Over Flowers 20, and since Waldenbooks offered free shipping, it's being sent to my PO Box, and will hopefully be a nice welcome back to SFA after the break.

My Thanksgiving needs to be productive. I can't be lazy. I have a practice set to work on and at least try to finish, a chapter in my income tax book to read and homework to start, gifts to work on, my big's gifts, jeans to repair, notes and papers to write for Poli Sci, and yeah. So tomorrow, I'm going to be a busy bee over at my aunt's. Work, work, work.
Well, enough of this.. back to work, and then it's off to the movies.
Until we meet again,
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I am full of righteous indignation. The asshole that shares a wall with me decided to play his music all day long. I have no problem with this, since I am usually out of the room most of the day. But when he decided to play it DURING MY NAPTIME, that makes Sarah angry. Not only did he play it during my naptime, he decided he'd play it around MIDNIGHT TO NOW! As in.. THE TIME FOR SLEEPING! I retaliated and started playing my own music. I hooked up my subwoofer and turned on some nice music. My friend Kesha was like uhhh... oh dear. So yeah. Moral of the story: if you're playing music and I can just about make out the WORDS to the song? You're too loud! You're too loud if your bass makes my walls thump! *rawr* So my big birthday bash is this weekend, can't waaaaaait! It's also the weekend I get my own sewing machine, which means costumes will be started on. My Ikki-con list consists of: -Donald from Kingdom Hearts (with different pants and hopefully webbed feet) -Flower Card from CCS (with accurate wig and new bodice) -Somebody from Ouran (I'm debating on whether I want to be Honey-chan or not. I make a pretty awesome Tamaki, as evidenced here, but my friend Dave has claimed him, so I may just pull out Honey-chan, since I don't want to be twins without my sister.) -Possibly Mitsuki from Full Moon. I'm still debating on whether I want to make one of her outfits. I really just want a new outfit, and something pretty. So Mitsuki is still up in the air. I'm thinking I might even bring back Millie, but that's only if I can make a stun-gun. So.. decisions, decisions. Either way, I have until Christmas break to start deciding things, since Christmas break is when I'm starting costumes for Ikki-con, Anime Matsuri, and A-kon. Well, since it's late and I need to get up in the morning for Income Tax, it's off to bed I go. Until we meet again, Tahiti
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I'm 21!

Bring on the booze!
Until we meet again,

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